Become one of our
minority vendors

Opportunities exist to do business with us if you are a Certified MBE or WBE in the following areas:

  • Chemical Carriers
  • Chemical Warehouse
  • Chemicals

To become a Cole Chemical vendor, please fill out one of the forms below.





Trading Company

Then email to
for review by our Purchasing Department.

M/WBE Commitment

We are proud of our employee diversity. Fifty percent of our employees are minorities and 80% are female.

Cole Chemical is also proud to do business with the following Certified M/WBE's as qualified by NMSDC and WBENC:

  • American Chemical - MBE - Chemicals
  • AS Physiques - M/WBE - Massage Therapy
  • Computize, Inc. - MBE - Computer Equipment
  • Elaine's Florist - WBE - Flowers
  • The French Corner - MBE – Catering
  • Griffin Moving – Moving and Storage
  • Lee Office Products - MBE - Office Supplies
  • Logic Solutions - MBE - EDI software services
  • Multigraphics, Inc. - MBE - Printing & Graphics
  • Solvents & Chemicals, Inc. - MBE - Chemicals
  • Sugarland Couriers – Deliveries
  • TLC AdCentives - M/WBE - Adverstising Premiums

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